October 31, 2014

30 Days of Thankful Mini Album

30 Days of Thankful Mini Album by Julie@JulieChats.com @juliechatsblog @juliechats @craftsavvy #craftwarehouse #minialbum #scrapbook #thankful #gratitude #authentiquepaper #americancrafts #silhouettecameo #aliedwardsdesign

Today I’m sharing my 30 Days of Thankful Mini Album.  This album documents every day in November 2013.  Each day, I shot a photo of something I was feeling thankful for that day and shared it on Instagram, along with a little more detail about my gratitude.  2013 was the second year I participated in the 30 Days of Thankful project.  I love how participating forces me to take a little time each day to think about things I’m thankful for.  Of course, we’re all thankful for things like families, kids and having a roof over our heads, but there are also so many small things that fly by buried in our busy days.  Those little things are important too.  The little things are what our everyday live are all about.  If you’re interested in participating in 30 Days of Thankful this year, I’d encourage you to hop over to Cathy Zielske’s blog and read more about it.  Cathy is one of my favorite “scrapbook gurus.”  She has an awesome, clean style and her mission is to take the ‘crap out of scrapbooking.  I don’t think I’m alone in thinking that’s a super cool mission!

30 Days of Thankful Mini Album by Julie@JulieChats.com @juliechatsblog @juliechats @craftsavvy #craftwarehouse #minialbum #scrapbook #thankful #gratitude #authentiquepaper #americancrafts #silhouettecameo #aliedwardsdesign

So, here’s my album for 2013.  Just in case you have some idea, after looking at my book, that I’m super organized, STOP RIGHT THERE!  Yes, I shot a photo every day last November, and I even uploaded almost all of them to Instagram.  But these photos have lived in my computer until very recently.  I’m a member of the Craft Warehouse Design Team and my first ever DT assignment was to create a layout with this really beautiful paper collection called Grateful from Authentique Papers.  After finishing my layout, I had a lot of scraps left and wanted to use them.  The 30 Days of Thankful photos I took last year just popped into my head.

30 Days of Thankful Mini Album by Julie@JulieChats.com @juliechatsblog @juliechats @craftsavvy #craftwarehouse #minialbum #scrapbook #thankful #gratitude #authentiquepaper #americancrafts #silhouettecameo #aliedwardsdesign

So, I took all the scraps and added a few sheets of different shades of brown and cut them randomly into pieces of varying sizes.  My “pieces range from 3″x4 1/2″ up to 7″x7″.  After cutting up the pieces, I stacked them, usually placing a piece of the brown paper in between the printed papers, but not always.  I did this quickly and just let the little album come together sort of haphazardly.

For my photos, I gathered all my November 2013 photos into one file and opened them in PhotoShop.  I placed them onto a 4″x6″” template that was divided into two 3″x4″ sections.  Once the photos were on the templates, I added brushes from a new digital collection by Ali Edwards called, Thankful for This Day.  I recolored an entire set of brushes, so that I would have a white set and a black set to use on my photos, depending on the lightness or darkness of the photo.  After adding the brush to a photo, I also added the date in my handwriting font.  I love having my handwriting in a font to add to my projects.  It’s amazing how much it looks like my handwriting.  I bought mine a few years ago, but just Googling “my handwriting font” brings up tons of resources where you can create your handwriting font and some are free.  Give it a try!  I then saved my photos as JPEG’s and uploaded them to Costco, where I printed 4″x6″ photos for 13 cents each.  I trimmed them with scissors and was ready to go.

30 Days of Thankful Mini Album by Julie@JulieChats.com @juliechatsblog @juliechats @craftsavvy #craftwarehouse #minialbum #scrapbook #thankful #gratitude #authentiquepaper #americancrafts #silhouettecameo #aliedwardsdesign

Back to creating the album, after I had a mish-mash stack of papers, I punched them one by one on an old double hole punch left over from my days at the escrow company.  I mounted the papers on small copper rings, adding a few journal cards and die cut pieces, leftover from the Grateful collection, in between my papers.  I added my photos to the pages and also added a few die cuts and stickers inside the album.  I journaled in brown pen directly on the pages or on the journal cards.

30 Days of Thankful Mini Album by Julie@JulieChats.com @juliechatsblog @juliechats @craftsavvy #craftwarehouse #minialbum #scrapbook #thankful #gratitude #authentiquepaper #americancrafts #silhouettecameo #aliedwardsdesign
This is the first project where I have ever designed the cover of my album last.  For some reason, I usually spend a huge amount of time deciding on the cover design.  This time, I used a piece of adhesive cork from American Crafts as my cover.  I cut 6″x6″ pieces of the cute polka dot cork on my Fiskars trimmer.  It’s super simple to cut.  Then, for a little extra stability, I adhered the cork to a piece of plain chipboard and placed a piece of cardstock on the other side.

30 Days of Thankful Mini Album by Julie@JulieChats.com @juliechatsblog @juliechats @craftsavvy #craftwarehouse #minialbum #scrapbook #thankful #gratitude #authentiquepaper #americancrafts #silhouettecameo #aliedwardsdesign
To finish my album, I used some cut files downloaded from the Silhouette Online Store.  I love being able to download designs and quickly cut them on my Cameo.  This machine is amazing!  I cut the gratitude banner and the word THANKFUL from cut files and the “30” and “days of” from fonts on my computer.

I’m really happy with the way my 30 Days of Thankful album turned out and I’m especially glad I have it finished in time to take it on our Thanksgiving trip this year and share it with my family.  I know they will all love looking through it and catching a glimpse into our everyday lives.

I encourage you to join in the Thankful project this year!  Also, take a little time to create a simple album to share with your family. This album shows you that just a little stack of coordinating papers and a couple hinged rings can help you preserve those memories.

Thanks for stopping by!  All of these supplies are available at a Craft Warehouse store near you or at your favorite online store.

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  1. Hi Cathy, how cute this thankful album is!!! I love the format and the colors your picked. Thanks for the freebies and link ups on Friday. I can t wait to see more of yours.

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