March 4, 2009

A Funny Story

I’ve just got a quick little story I had to mention this morning. I’ve got so much to do today, I promise I’ll be quick. My bloggy friend Annette mentioned that she & others are writing about where the time goes….I know I don’t have an answer for that one! When I do, I’ll let you know! Off to my story…

Last night, Dave was holding Jake so their faces were right next to each other. The little guy was just smiling and enjoying being with Daddy. It was so cute to see them gazing into each other’s eyes. When suddenly….Jake sneezed! No advance notice of his nose & face scrunching up or anything. Just a bunch of snot and spit shot right in Dad’s face. The shock & disgust on Dave’s face were priceless, if only I’d had my camera at the ready. It would have been a gold mine, had I been shooting video at the time. I know America’s Funniest Home Videos is sad today. Of course, Jake just giggled & smiled the same way he has done after every sneeze since he was first born. I was laughing so hard, I could barely get Dave a kleenex for his face! Ahhh….kids….

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  1. Hi!
    Just stopping by to say “HELLO!”.
    Have a great day and TGIF!

  2. LOL, I burst out laughing when I read that!

  3. LOL That is funny. Gotta love kids.