August 4, 2014


I’m passionate about MAKING. Always have been. I love using my creativity in all kinds of ways. My formal education lies in journalism and public relations, but the path I’ve taken to end up working in my chosen field has been a twisty one. My resume is colorful… (read lots of jobs) receptionist, library, fast food chain, Chinese restaurant, university president’s office, The Gap, Natural Wonders, Maurice’s, for a crazy lady (or 2), Escrow Officer, mortgage company in docs/funding & marketing, filled out government orders for airplane glue (yep), owned my own transcription company, worked for my local LSS in design/education/marketing/social media…and now I own my own business. I provide marketing and social media services to blogs and companies in the craft industry. I create and edit videos for YouTube and Facebook, design newsletters and manage social media channels. I also enjoy designing samples with the newest crafting supplies. My designs have been at CHA & on HSN too. In 2008, I started JulieChats as a way to share my designs and my creative process with other makers. Right now, I’m developing a line of stylishly modern planner accessories that I’ll be selling under the SHOP tab on my website. Follow me as I get started in my new venture on Instagram @juliechatsplans