July 25, 2017

Get Organized – Free To Do List Printable

Do you have so many things to do that you forget half of them by the end of the day? Well, maybe you don’t have this problem, but I do! When I don’t use my planner and a To Do List, I find it harder make it to the end of the day with a feeling of accomplishment. So I try to set aside time on Sundays to plan for the upcoming week and a few minutes each evening to check on my plans for the next day and create a To Do List just for that day. Yes, I’m a list person. I find that lists help me keep on track and get more done. I keep lists for my business, lists for my kids, lists for my home and all sorts of other lists. I admit that if I finish something that isn’t on my list, I add it, just to cross it off. I find that, at the end of the day, I derive great satisfaction at seeing everything I’ve done that day.
I carry a paper planner and having lists on paper that fits inside my planner is a great way to make sure I can carry my list with me throughout the day. It’s also fun when my list matches my planner theme for the week. So I started designing my own To Do Lists that coordinate with the planner stickers I design for my Etsy shop, JulieChatsPlans. Stay tuned to the blog where I’ll be sharing these free printable To Do Lists from time to time.

Free Printable To Do List from JulieChats.com
This first list matches a set of free, printable planner stickers that I designed as part of a guest post over on the Today’s Creative Life Blog. Be sure to browse around while you’re over there. Kim, TCL’s founder, has a great array of free printables, recipes and DIY projects that I know you’ll love.Be sure to grab my printable stickers over at TCLcom and then head back here to download the coordinating To Do List. Click to download your  Free Printable To Do List
I’d love for you to let me know what you think about my free printables! I’m planning to share more like them here on my blog and I’ll be adding printable stickers to my Etsy shop in the near future.
To see my stickers being used in planners, follow my planner focused Instagram account: @juliechatsplans
Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your day!

March 10, 2017

Happy Mail – Yellow Paper House Unboxing Video

After receiving my pretty, new Scriver Creek notebook, a needed some little A-6 notebooks to go inside. A friend suggested Yellow Paper House’s Etsy shop. I was really impressed with the huge selection at YPH. I could order notebooks in many different sizes, filled with solid pages in an array of colors. Solid pages in one color or selected color ranges. Then after choosing your notebook size and filler pages, there are options for printing on the pages. There are two sizes of grid and two sizes of dots in a grid pattern, along with lined paper.

I’m crazy about rainbows, so I chose rainbow pages inside my notebooks. And I made this video to share them with you…

Happy Mail - Yellow Paper House Unboxing Video from Julie @ juliechats.com

See more about my Scriver Creek notebook on the SC website or in my previous video:

Now that I’m jumping into Traveler’s Notebooks, I’d love to hear your favorite sources for them! I’m definitely going to need a pile to use and decorate with my monthly kits from The Planner Society. Let me know where you find yours in the comments.

Thanks for stopping by! Stay tuned to my planner Instagram account and Instagram Stories over there for updates from Planner Con 2017 in San Francisco this weekend.

March 8, 2017

Happy Mail – Scriver Creek Notebook Unboxing Video

I got a glimpse of a beauty at the West Coast Planners meetup in February. Girls at my table were whispering about these new little leather notebooks. I didn’t get a chance to meet Crissie Field who, with her husband, owns Scriver Creek, the makers of these little gems.

The notebooks I’m talking about are made of thick supple leather with hand dyed with contrast stitching (you can choose stitching from a few colors). They are gorgeous and would still be gorgeous, even without their most unique feature: a scalloped edge. Between this one of a kind edge and the depth of the color in the dyed leathers, I couldn’t order one fast enough when Crissie shared the Scriver Creek website in the WCP Facebook group a couple weeks ago.

I’ve since chatted with her a few times about planning, notebooks, business, The Planner Society kits and life. It’s so great to meet new friends through a shared love for quality, handmade products.

Here’s a good look at my notebook…

If you’re attending Planner Con 2017 this weekend and want to check out the notebook in person, I”ll definitely have it with me. Just look for the deep blue scalloped edge notebook and that will be me!

Scriver Creek Clearwater Notebook Unboxing Video from Julie @ juliechats.com

I’ll be back with another post here on Friday. I’m sharing some cute little A-6 notebooks from Yellow Paper House. These notebooks fit perfectly in my A-6 Scriver Creek notebook.

March 7, 2017

Happy Mail – The Planner Society & Thoughts on Subscriptions

I can’t believe I managed to wait so long to open it! During the last few days of February, I received my very first full kit subscription shipment from The Planner Society. I had to wait a couple days to open it and boy was I happy when I did. This kit is full of all sorts of things to help you decorate your planner – any planner! You can also use the contents to make dashboards, dividers, booklets, clips and anything you would like to give your planner a little style. There are papers, vellum, clips, notepads, stamps, die cuts and more. Stay tuned to my planner Instagram account @juliechatsplans to see what I make with the kit.

Watch the video to see all the little gems inside the box! The color scheme is to die for!

I had previously only subscribed to the sticker kit from TPS. Now that I received this awesome box of goodies, I’m kind of wishing I had all 4 subscriptions, the full kit, sticker kit, boxes sticker kit and washi kit. But I’m sure all manage, it’s probably just my FOMO (fear of missing out) talking. We’ll see how much time I have to craft with this this before I think about adding any more subscriptions to my list!

I recently canceled my Project Life Kit sub from Studio Calico. Now, I’d like to say that it’s solely because the kit doesn’t seem to be as great as it used to. But that wouldn’t be fair, since I have almost two years of kits in boxes, waiting for me to have time to use them. And I don’t think it’s right to judge without actually USING the product! I can say I got less and less excited to open the kits when they came, if that makes any sense.

Since opening my Etsy shop, I have been trying to cut back on expenses and concentrate on spending time and money gathering supplies I need for the plans I have for my shop. I really don’t want to, but I may end up canceling my Kelly Purkey kit sub too. I love Kelly’s kits and they always make me want to pull out photos and create with them, but then that darn time thing happens. Opening my own shop has taken so much time lately, that I don’t have time to make the things I really want to make. And, even though, I hate the thought of not supporting Kelly, buying things I don’t use is not a good use of my resources. We’ll see… I also have a monthly subscription to Big Picture Classes that I’m thinking of canceling. I signed up to take Cara Vincens’ course last year. It was fun! But I haven’t had time to create, much less take classes…this is what I was thinking when I saw that fellow Oregon Planner Society member, Haley Pettit, is going to be teaching a class for BPC. So I’ll hold on to my subscription, at least until I take Haley’s class, the March installment of BPC’s Plan It Out series.

Do you subscribe to any kits or membership sites? What do you think of them? Are they a good value? Let’s chat in the comments.

Thanks for stopping by!

JulieThe Planner Society Feburary 2017 Kit Unboxing Video from Julie @ juliechats.com


March 3, 2017

Unboxing arrivals from the Planner Boss Collective Sale – You Gotta Craft That

Hi! It’s Julie and I’m back to share another order from the Planner Boss Collective Sale. This time, I ordered two sticker kits from You Gotta Craft That. I met Aimee about a year ago through the Oregon Planner Society, where she plans some great meetups. If you’re in the Portland area, we’ve got a fun group of ladies who love their planners, own sticker shops, work in local craft stores, teach classes, film videos and more. We always learn something at our meetups and, of course, so home with fun swag bags! Check out Oregon Planner Society on Facebook to get in on the action.

Back to You Gotta Craft That! Aimee’s shop is HUGE! She has more than 400 fun products for you to choose from. For this order, I was looking for a couple sticker sets that stood out to me. After looking through tons of stickers during the big sale, I was so excited to come across the Garnet collection. Being a huge fan of bright, bold colors, I love how this set features red, pink and navy. I can’t wait to use it during one of the many dark, gray weeks we have left in Portland, before the sun is assured of staying for more than one day in a row (that might be July, just so you know…). The collection of stylish florals and useful headers will help me keep my schedule organized and give me something really pretty to look at while I daydream of warmer weather.

The 2nd collection I chose, was the Planner Boss set. This set is filled with coral, glitters and foils. Bold black and white accents add to its modern style. I’m planning (hahaha 😉 ) to use this set next time I’m ramping up my Etsy shop for a big release.

Speaking of big releases, I’m in the process of designing a brand new set of stickers for all you women entrepreneurs out there! This one’s going to be called “The Ones for Bosses” and I can’t wait to share it with you. Look for it in the shop sometime this weekend.

Now, click the video to see my two favorite sticker sets from You Gotta Craft That!

Thank you for stopping by! Look for a couple new posts next week before I head to San Francisco on Thursday to attend Planner Con 2017. I’m so excited to share the news about my new Etsy shop, learn about all the new things in the world of planners and, last but certainly not least, meet other ladies who love keeping organized in style as much as I do! If you’re attending Planner Con, leave me a comment and let you know, I’d love to meetup with you during the convention. If you can’t make it to the big #PC2017, don’t worry, I’ll be making a big post, full of photos, after I get back. And if you want a more up to the minute sneak peek, be sure to follow my planner Instagram account, JulieChatsPlans. I’ll be sharing videos in my Insta Stories throughout the convention. (My main Instagram account, JulieChatsBlog, will feature some fun travel tips for SF and touristy ideas, as my daughter and I check out the city and visit a college or two.)

March 1, 2017

Unboxing arrivals from the Planner Boss Collective Sale – Sunshine Sticker Co.

Have you heard of the Planner Boss Collective? Be sure to check it out over on Facebook. A few times a year, they coordinate a HUGE sale from 100 curated planner shops. This unboxing is from the last PBC sale. One of my favorite shops is Sunshine Sticker Co., whose founder, Ashley, is one of the planner mavens over at the PBC. Be sure to check out her shop when you get a chance.

St. Patrick's Day Planner Stickers Unboxing Video from Julie @ JulieChats.com

I can’t wait to make my St. Patrick’s Day setup in my Erin Condren vertical planner with this fun set of Lucky stickers! And since Valentine’s Day passed before I had a chance to use the Love stickers, I’m planning on using them to help celebrate my daughter’s birthday week in March. The Love stickers are perfect for any time of year, especially since they are not traditional Valentine colors. The greens and yellows are perfect for any Spring week where you want to show a little love!

When you’re looking for planner stickers, don’t forget to check out my Etsy shop! Only open since January, it’s filling up with fun, graphic stickers in a rainbow of colors that will help everyday planners, students and bosses alike keep track of their busy lives with an extra bit of style. Visit JulieChatsPlans to see my latest designs!

February 27, 2017

Pacific Northwest Planner Meetup Swag Bag

It’s been almost a month since the epic Portland Meetup of the Pacific Northwest Llamas. The name of our group has since changed to the West Coast Planners. This event was a blast! We met new friends, swapped our extras, learned from great teachers AND came home with this SWEET bag of swag, all tucked nicely into a really cool bag with a water bottle and t-shirt too. This meetup was more than I could have hoped for. I met so many lovely ladies and was able to share some little llama stickers I made for my brand new Etsy shop. Everyone was so nice and receptive to a new kid on the block.

Portland Planner Meetup Swag Video from Julie @JulieChats.com

It was a dream to have a big meetup like this only 10 minutes from my house! But next time, I might grab some roommates and get a room, just to participate in fun things like the door decor contest! And staying up all night chatting with the girls about all things planner sounds like a dream in itself.

I hope you enjoy my video and let me know if you have questions about anything inside! I’d be happy to share the shops who so generously contributed to my happiness for the next few months worth of stickers and other cool swag!

Next up, I’m headed to San Francisco the second weekend in March for Planner Con 2107. I hear the swag bags they’re putting together in the Bay Area are going to be over the top crazy, so stay tuned to my blog and YouTube channel for all the details.

I’m working on two more sticker sets to have live in the shop before I leave for SF. So I’d love it if you’d head over to Etsy and Favorite my shop to be notified of all the details.

Thanks for stopping by today!

February 10, 2017

DIY Birthday Shrine: Celebrate that special day in style

DIY Birthday Shrine from JulieChats.com Do you decorate your mantel for holidays? Seasons? Special occasions? How about birthdays? They’re special days too, right?

A few years ago, I got an idea. This idea was borne out of guilt, I have to say. It’s the guilt I felt when I didn’t really feel in the birthday spirit when it was time for my little guy’s birthday. Now his birthday is in January, so I bet many of you can relate…. The house was finally free of Christmas hoopla and actually clean for the first time since Thanksgiving. (Come on, you don’t really dust UNDER the Christmas decorations, do you?

Back to my dilemma, Jake’s birthday was coming. We weren’t having a huge party. Having done all those crazy huge parties with my daughter (who is 7 years older than her brother), I realized with Jake, that a celebration with just a few family and friends was all he needed for his day special day. Plus the fact that with a daughter in 1st grade when he was born and being in business for myself didn’t leave me a lot of time for playgroups with my second born, so there weren’t a lot of little kid/little kid parents to please.

The day was coming and I started feeling bad that I didn’t have a big party planned. The thought of  “streamer-ing” my whole house crossed my mind and then left very quickly with the thought of clean up. So I looked at the mantel and thought, HEY, I can make a little “Jake Shrine” up there and he’ll be really excited!DIY Birthday Shrine by juliechats.comSo I grabbed all the photos of him I could find. Some in frames, some not, a few printed out of those machines at Chuck E Cheese. I arranged them on the mantel and added a garland of kitchen string and snapshots held onto it with mini clothes pins from IKEA.

Little did I know that I was starting the annual tradition of the “Birthday Shrine.” Delaney loved it so much, she insisted she have one for her birthday too. Who can deny the girl who spent 7 years (minus 7 weeks) as an only child, only to be excited and then shocked by the arrival of this attention grabbing boy?DIY Birthday Shrine by juliechats.com

After that first shrine, I started checking out the Target Dollar Spot, searching for inexpensive, bright, cheerful birthday decor that would work for boys or girls. I found garlands and lights that grab our attention. This year I added a few Heidi Swapp Marquee letter and shape lights, filled with glitter paper. Jake started asking about his shrine as soon as the clock struck 12 on New Year’s Eve. His birthday is January 31st, so I made him wait a few weeks. (I needed a chance to put away Christmas and remove the 6 inches of dust from the mantel.) I always put up the shrine when the kids aren’t home, just so I can see their faces when they get home from school to find their smiling faces plastered all over the mantel.

Another fun idea for celebrating special occasions is using the Heidi Swapp lightbox to put someone’s “name in lights.” The kids love changing out the letters and phrases for holidays, birthdays and any other special days they can think of.

DIY Birthday Shrine by juliechats.com

DIY Birthday Shrine by juliechats.com

I hadn’t really thought about posting about the shrine on my blog, until a couple friends commented what a great idea it was and that they’d never seen anything quite like it. So here’s our traditional Birthday Shrine in all it’s glory. I love this idea because it’s inexpensive and shows my special people that they’re loved for a few weeks every year. Yes, Jake’s shrine is still up. I’m debating taking it down and putting up a few Valentine decorations, but I’m also sort of lazy and the thought of putting up Valentine decor and taking it down before I put up Delaney’s shrine is tiring. 🙂 So we’ll see!DIY Birthday Shrine by juliechats.com

I hope you enjoy the shrine! If you like it too, leave me a comment and let me know your favorite way to celebrate the special people in your life. Thanks for stopping by!DIY Birthday Shrine by juliechats.com

DIY Birthday Shrine from JulieChats.com

DIY Birthday Shrine by juliechats.com

January 31, 2017

Uboxing Arrivals from the Planner Boss Collective Sale – Studio L2E

The January Sale from the Planner Boss Collective was amazing! Around 100 shops joined in the fun offering discounts and sale prices on all sorts of planner merchandise. From stickers to stamps, dashboards and accessories, there was something for everyone! I put in three orders this time and I’m really excited to see everything in person. My first order to arrive was from Studio L2E! Being just across town from them cut down on travel time, I’m sure! Today I’m sharing the stamps I ordered during the sale and giving a few tips and suggestions for using them in planners and papercraft projects.

Shop vicariously through me today and see what’s in my order!

January 30, 2017

Erin Condren Seasonal Surprise Box Unboxing Video

I’m excited to be sharing the very first Seasonal Surprise Box from Erin Condren! When this little gem of Happy Mail arrived, I couldn’t wait to shoot a video and share it with you! I wasn’t sure what to expect when I ordered this box. The theme is Winter of Wonder and I think it lived up to its name. The box is packed with colorful goodies that will help make the long, dark winter just a little brighter this year. I figured there would be stickers in the box. I wasn’t disappointed! And I was pleasantly surprised at all the other fun and useful things I found. I’m really excited to see what’s inside the next Seasonal Surprise Box! Watch my video and comment below letting me know which is your favorite surprise product!

And if you’re a planner sticker fan, click “Planner Shop” at the top of this page to see what’s new in my Etsy shop too.

As always, I’ll be sharing my favorite planner pages over on my planner Instagram account, so see you over there!

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