March 10, 2017

Happy Mail – Yellow Paper House Unboxing Video

After receiving my pretty, new Scriver Creek notebook, a needed some little A-6 notebooks to go inside. A friend suggested Yellow Paper House’s Etsy shop. I was really impressed with the huge selection at YPH. I could order notebooks in many different sizes, filled with solid pages in an array of colors. Solid pages in one color or selected color ranges. Then after choosing your notebook size and filler pages, there are options for printing on the pages. There are two sizes of grid and two sizes of dots in a grid pattern, along with lined paper.

I’m crazy about rainbows, so I chose rainbow pages inside my notebooks. And I made this video to share them with you…

Happy Mail - Yellow Paper House Unboxing Video from Julie @

See more about my Scriver Creek notebook on the SC website or in my previous video:

Now that I’m jumping into Traveler’s Notebooks, I’d love to hear your favorite sources for them! I’m definitely going to need a pile to use and decorate with my monthly kits from The Planner Society. Let me know where you find yours in the comments.

Thanks for stopping by! Stay tuned to my planner Instagram account and Instagram Stories over there for updates from Planner Con 2017 in San Francisco this weekend.

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