May 15, 2009

Happy VGNO! Don’t forget my Button!

Hi everyone, just stopped by Ann’s VGNO, get there quick! She’s got a link to FREE CHOCOLATE! M & M Mars will send you a free coupon if you’re one of the 1st 200,000 to sign up each Friday. MMMMMMM! Thanks Ann!


I promise I’m working on the Layout of the Week RIGHT NOW! I’m late this week, had a pukey (?-spelling, I know you know what I mean though…) little guy for the last few days, so I’m off track!

I’m heading to set up for the school carnival later, it’s so sunny here we’re setting it up outside. Hopefully all goes well! ๐Ÿ™‚

Please grab one of my new buttons, I made it myself, I can’t believe it! (Just copy the code down on the left side under my button and paste it into one of your widgets on your blog’s layout page.) I do love it & I’m so proud of myself, not being so computer savvy! If you don’t have one, it isn’t difficult to do…give it a try!

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  1. Happy VGNO!

  2. Happy VGNO!!!!

  3. Nice job on your button. HAPPY VGNO

  4. Cool button! I finally figured out how to make mine and the code, too. He he. Isn’t it fun when we get more computer savvy? Happy VGNO.

  5. Whaaaa….I’m on a diet…no chocolate for me…..

    Happy VGNO!

  6. Great button. I’ve been trying to figure out how to do that myself. Maybe when I have some time. Enjoy the carnival. Have a great VGNO!

  7. Have fun at the carnival. Happy VGNO

  8. I want to learn that too. Nice job. Have a great one!

  9. Did you spruce up the button a little more? I’m seeing pretty colors that I don’t remember seeing. Nice :->

    Happy VGNO Julie!!!

    I hope the carnival was fun.

  10. So cute!
    Happy VGNO

  11. Your button is cute! Have a fun night at the party, and I hope the carnival went well.

  12. Stopping by form VGNO.

    I was just looking for info on making a button

  13. hope you little man is all better ๐Ÿ™ happy VGNO

  14. Thanks for stopping by, I had an early night last night too =) Happy late VGNO! Hope your weekend is going great!

  15. I have given you an award. Please stop by and check it out.

  16. I missed most of VGNO, but I am playing catch up today- I added your button! I have been trying to add my own, but its touch when you are on dial up….lol

  17. Cool button – I like it!!