November 25, 2008

Jake @ Whimzee’s

I took this photo of Mr. Jake while I was wearing him in the Baby Bjorn. We had stopped by the store so I could take photos of all the new merchandise for the newsletter I’m designing today. The tables were totally covered with new merchandise and I didn’t bring Jake’s jumper, so I put him in the front pack & got to work. He loves the carrier and likes to sit both toward me and away from me. It’s fun to see his reaction to all the things going on around the store. He loves to watch the ceiling fans, the TV and he loves to “chat” with customers. When I noticed him looking at me and saw the piles of stock in the background, I thought it was the perfect time to document a normal day for us. The little guy is in the store quite a bit, not as much lately as he was, but it will be fun to remember what it was going on in my life when he was this little! So get out your camera and take some photos of “normal” happenings in your life….not just the big events & celebrations.
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  1. Jake is SO cute! And I love the pumpkin patch pic of both of them. Welcome to Comment Club 3.

  2. Welcome to the club!

  3. He’s looking pretty cruisy there!

  4. Welcome to the club! I starting to dab in digital scrapbooking!

  5. Such a cutie! He is adorable!
    Lori@Thrifty Thoughts

  6. Wow! You are so creative! How do you have time with a baby and a 7 year old?????

  7. Thanks for everyone’s comments! We think the little guy is pretty cute ourselves! I just wish he could go a day without having a head injury….the newly cruising seem to have so many problems balancing their huge heads!

  8. Yay! I have a Jake too! What’s his middle name?

  9. Jake’s middle name is Brent, he’s named after my husband’s best friend who died of cancer a few years ago. We were honored to be able to name our baby after him.

    What’s your Jake’s middle name?