July 8, 2009

Layout of the Week – Tooth Fairy

This week’s Layout of the Week is a special page for Delaney. She lost her first tooth on April 5th, a few weeks after she turned 8 years old. Yes, her first visit from the tooth fairy didn’t come until she was 8 years old! After MUCH effort I managed to pull the darn thing out for her. She had been wiggling it for about 2 years…. By the time she was finally ready for it to come out, she wanted us to tie it to a door & slam it, which we did…about 5 times! Both her new front teeth were in by this time and she had what her dentist called “shark teeth”. Two rows of bottom front teeth. After taking a look at this tooth, the dentist’s mouth dropped open (out of Delaney’s view of course) and he said, “you got this out?” The root on the poor tooth was longer than the tooth itself. After the tooth finally came out and Delaney had her $2 from the tooth fairy, she made us pay up too. We had promised her $25 if she could get the tooth out before the dentist wanted to pull it. We decided that it would be cheaper to bribe her with $25 than pay the dentist for an extraction. It worked with that tooth, but the dentist told her that she has until August to get that other lower front tooth out or he’s going to pull it. After all the drama, screaming & crying & door slamming, I don’t think she figures $25 is worth pulling the next one out herself. So I guess we’ll have to wait & see, but she does have an extra little “center” tooth on the bottom as of this post!

As far as my layout is concerned, this is one of my more simple ones and I’m very happy with it. I used two sheets of Reminisce’s Tooth Fairy paper, one side for the background and then a strip of the other side as a mat for my photo, edging it with the Redwood ink from last week’s project. Next I used two small strips of the white glitter paper from last week’s layout on either side of the strip. It’s so nice when the supplies & papers you just used on a layout are right there on the table just waiting to be used again. Then I used a red pen to journal inside the title that is printed on this paper. This layout couldn’t be simpler, in fact it took about 10 minutes from start to finish. The one photo tells the whole story, I tried to take a picture of the strangely shaped tooth, but it came out fuzzy. And besides, all of the ladies scrapping that night thought it would be gross to include a photo of the tooth in a layout. But I probably would have done it anyway, if it had been in focus.

Try the technique of using one large strip of paper with two smaller ones framing it in one of your layouts. It’s a very quick way to finish a page!

Wish us luck with that next Tooth Fairy visit!

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  1. Hi Julie,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and following me on my journey. I’m so glad your friends husband will be with his family soon. I’m usually really good about missing my husband, but special occasions always get me down. Thanks for your support, and I’ll be back to see you soon.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Mom of 2 Boys, Wife of 1! I remember when my 16 y/o lost his first tooth. It was traumatic for him. He thought he was going to be toothless. I had to show him pictures of his father and myself when we lost our teeth to prove to him they will grow more.

  3. Congrats to finally getting a tooth out. I’ve pulled out almost all my kid’s loose teeth – mum and her pliers are just accepted LOL.

  4. WooHoo for Mom to the rescue in getting the tooth out;) The first tooth out is truly a monumental moment for kids. I remember my 1st son was so sad that every kids in his class had already lost a tooth and he hadn’t. Congrats to your daughter.

    Stopping by from CC3@MBC.

  5. Love the layout. I have some cute paper and stickers. I have yet to work on tooth fairy pictures for any of my kids. I guess that tells you I have so much stuff and too many pictures. LOL

  6. Love the layout. Congrats to your daughter!! A truly monumental moment!

  7. Hi Julie. 8 year olds are too funny with all of their missing teeth. I cannot believe I saved all of my kids teeth.

  8. Haha! You bribed her with $25! Makes total sense!

  9. Wow I can’t believe she didn’t lose her first tooth til she was 8! I love scrapbooking but I never get the time to do it;(
    Love the page you did. Tell your little one congrats on the tooth fairy visit.

  10. What a great layout!