June 12, 2009

Not Such a Happy Friday…

Today’s Delaney’s last day of second grade. She was so excited that this week was coming! Our school has day camp type activities all week, singing songs together, reading in tents in the classroom, writing camp letters, hanging out with friends. But here she is, lying in bed for the second day in a row! Poor thing, she has the flu. She doesn’t have a bad fever, but is weak from being sick & not eating much of anything since Tuesday. She came home sick that day & we headed to the doctor when she complained of problems breathing. It’s no surprise around Portland lately to have breathing problems, we’ve got a lot of pollen and tree fluff in the area around here. So I thought she was just having some sort of asthma problem. I’ve got it, so I guess it’s my fault! ๐Ÿ™‚ The doctor couldn’t figure out what was wrong and did a bunch of tests and an x-ray. In the end, she did a flu test and guess what, she’s got Influenza A….could be related to the swine flu, they say. But we won’t know that for sure until after the weekend when the test comes back. She has only had a low fever, 99 or 100, but I guess that’s enough. The doctor said it could go away anytime and she’s fine to go about normal activities as soon as her fever’s gone. So here we are waiting….hoping that no one else around here gets it!

So go ahead, enjoy your Friday…we wish we were! ๐Ÿ™

Oh and if you’ve got the energy, swing by Ann’s Virtual Girls’ Night Out…the ultimate in “stay at home in your pj’s & party” parties!

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  1. Awww, the poor kid. It’s bad enough to be sick, but miss all the fun stuff, too!

    Well, try to have a Happy VGNO!

  2. I’ve been feeling much like your daughter for the past 6 days too. I’m all the way on the other coast though. Anyway, I hope she gets better quick and has a blast of a summer!
    Happy VGNO by the way.

  3. Awww, poor baby. I’m gonna pray it’s not in any way related to the swine flu. Hope she gets better soon. Stoppin in from the VGNO

  4. oh now, I know all the cotton wood floating around makes mine and LO’s eyes hurt.
    That sucks it is the flue! I hope she is feeling better soon.

  5. I had the flu yesterday. It peaked and left pretty quickly.

    Happy VGNO!

  6. That’s such a shame. What a way to begin the summer. Hope she gets better soon. And Mom, stay healthy.
    Happy VGNO!

  7. Hope your daughter is feeling better soon!

    Smokin’ Molly stopping by for VGNO.

    Have a great weekend.


  8. Ohh no! I hope it isn’t related to the swine flu! Hope she feels better really soon! Happy VGNO =)

  9. Sorry she missed her last day of school. She must be so sad. I hope she is on the mend.

    Naughty Nancy dropping into your party.

  10. Hope she’s on the mend soon! Its terrible to be sick, especially with holidays around the corner.

  11. So sorry she is sick. It is sad when they are sick and she is missing all the fun stuff no fair.

    Happy VGNO.

  12. Being sick is no fun. hope she feels better soon.

    Happy VGNO

  13. I hope Delaney is feeling better real soon! Stopping by from VGNO!

  14. Well Julie, I just have to say this, Crap!

    I’m so sorry for your little one. My youngest just graduated from 2nd grade also. She doesn’t want school to be over. (Neither does her mommy ;-> )

    I’m sending all the positive vibes and wishes for easy breathing that I can muster.

    Thanks for hangin’ at the VGNO!

    *I’ve finally grabbed your button :->

  15. Everyone seems to be sick. Hope everything gets better!

  16. following from mbc. stop by luckyjune.blogspot.com

  17. sorry about your child being sick … cute layout! happy vgno!!