May 22, 2016

Planner Clip Tutorial

Hi, this is Julie. I’m here today to share some quick Planner Clips I made for a recent Portland area Planner Meetup. Here’s a quick video tutorial for my clips. Keep reading for a more detailed, step by step tutorial.

These clips take just a few minutes to make and were made from my stash of scraps and a couple things we all have around the house. Deciding on which scraps to use will probably take longer than making one! I love using clips on my planners to make the sections stand out. It’s fun to have a pile of clips to choose from, so feel free to use your imagination and my simple tips to make your own clips.

IMG_0939I like to have all my tools & supplies together on my desk before I start a project. I am a very visual person and having things out in my craft room inspires me. I plan out my projects in my head and then gather my tools. For this clip, I wanted a nice solid, symmetrical shape. I’m kinda big on symmetry and being able to fold the background piece in half to hide the clip is a great way to make the process simple and quick.  The shape I chose is the Hexagon die from Technique Tuesday.

IMG_0915For the decoration on my clip, I chose another die cut piece and a little snippet of ribbon. I made about 30 of these clips for the meetup, so I wanted them to be versatile, so anyone could use it in their planner, or even in a pocket page or layout. You never really know how someone might use a product, so versatility is important. I chose the 16 from the Twenty 15-16 die set from Technique Tuesday. It’s 2016, so I figured everyone could use it in their planner.

IMG_0914IMG_0926When it came to paper and ribbon, I went straight to my scraps. I keep a big box of scraps to use in future projects. I also keep two large wire baskets filled with odds & ends of ribbon, in addition to a drawer where I’ve been hoarding $1 rolls of American Crafts ribbon.

IMG_0925Once I had everything together, making the clip went super fast. For time’s sake, I’ll share photos of the process and just a little explanation, since the steps are pretty simple.

IMG_09161) Cut the hexagon shape out of scrap paper.

IMG_0921IMG_09222) Score the shape with a scoring board or fold it in half widthwise.

IMG_0919IMG_09203) Cut the 16 shape out of coordinating scrap paper. 4) Removing delicate shapes from dies can be a little challenging. Poke a push pin through the little holes in the die to make it easier.

IMG_09235) Apply adhesive to the die cut shape.

IMG_09246) Mount the shape onto the folded base.

IMG_09277) Cut a 3″ piece of coordinating ribbon.

IMG_09328) Put a little dot of hot glue in the center of the ribbon.

IMG_09309) Fold the ribbon in half.

IMG_0934IMG_093510) Use hot glue to attach the ribbon and a large paperclip to the hexagon piece, as shown.

IMG_093611) Use a finger to smooth and press the hexagon shape together. Hot glue dries quickly, so the clip should be cooled and ready to use in less than 30 seconds.

IMG_0938Your planner clip is all ready to go!

2016-04-09 17.44.00Make a pile to share with friends, or add a little variety to your clips when you cut a stack of bases and decorate with other small die cut shapes.

If you’re a planner girl in the Portland area, check out the Oregon Planner Society on Facebook. It’s a private group, but they accept all planners from the area.

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