February 27, 2017

Pacific Northwest Planner Meetup Swag Bag

It’s been almost a month since the epic Portland Meetup of the Pacific Northwest Llamas. The name of our group has since changed to the West Coast Planners. This event was a blast! We met new friends, swapped our extras, learned from great teachers AND came home with this SWEET bag of swag, all tucked nicely into a really cool bag with a water bottle and t-shirt too. This meetup was more than I could have hoped for. I met so many lovely ladies and was able to share some little llama stickers I made for my brand new Etsy shop. Everyone was so nice and receptive to a new kid on the block.

Portland Planner Meetup Swag Video from Julie @JulieChats.com

It was a dream to have a big meetup like this only 10 minutes from my house! But next time, I might grab some roommates and get a room, just to participate in fun things like the door decor contest! And staying up all night chatting with the girls about all things planner sounds like a dream in itself.

I hope you enjoy my video and let me know if you have questions about anything inside! I’d be happy to share the shops who so generously contributed to my happiness for the next few months worth of stickers and other cool swag!

Next up, I’m headed to San Francisco the second weekend in March for Planner Con 2107. I hear the swag bags they’re putting together in the Bay Area are going to be over the top crazy, so stay tuned to my blog and YouTube channel for all the details.

I’m working on two more sticker sets to have live in the shop before I leave for SF. So I’d love it if you’d head over to Etsy and Favorite my shop to be notified of all the details.

Thanks for stopping by today!

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