March 3, 2017

Unboxing arrivals from the Planner Boss Collective Sale – You Gotta Craft That

Hi! It’s Julie and I’m back to share another order from the Planner Boss Collective Sale. This time, I ordered two sticker kits from You Gotta Craft That. I met Aimee about a year ago through the Oregon Planner Society, where she plans some great meetups. If you’re in the Portland area, we’ve got a fun group of ladies who love their planners, own sticker shops, work in local craft stores, teach classes, film videos and more. We always learn something at our meetups and, of course, so home with fun swag bags! Check out Oregon Planner Society on Facebook to get in on the action.

Back to You Gotta Craft That! Aimee’s shop is HUGE! She has more than 400 fun products for you to choose from. For this order, I was looking for a couple sticker sets that stood out to me. After looking through tons of stickers during the big sale, I was so excited to come across the Garnet collection. Being a huge fan of bright, bold colors, I love how this set features red, pink and navy. I can’t wait to use it during one of the many dark, gray weeks we have left in Portland, before the sun is assured of staying for more than one day in a row (that might be July, just so you know…). The collection of stylish florals and useful headers will help me keep my schedule organized and give me something really pretty to look at while I daydream of warmer weather.

The 2nd collection I chose, was the Planner Boss set. This set is filled with coral, glitters and foils. Bold black and white accents add to its modern style. I’m planning (hahaha 😉 ) to use this set next time I’m ramping up my Etsy shop for a big release.

Speaking of big releases, I’m in the process of designing a brand new set of stickers for all you women entrepreneurs out there! This one’s going to be called “The Ones for Bosses” and I can’t wait to share it with you. Look for it in the shop sometime this weekend.

Now, click the video to see my two favorite sticker sets from You Gotta Craft That!

Thank you for stopping by! Look for a couple new posts next week before I head to San Francisco on Thursday to attend Planner Con 2017. I’m so excited to share the news about my new Etsy shop, learn about all the new things in the world of planners and, last but certainly not least, meet other ladies who love keeping organized in style as much as I do! If you’re attending Planner Con, leave me a comment and let you know, I’d love to meetup with you during the convention. If you can’t make it to the big #PC2017, don’t worry, I’ll be making a big post, full of photos, after I get back. And if you want a more up to the minute sneak peek, be sure to follow my planner Instagram account, JulieChatsPlans. I’ll be sharing videos in my Insta Stories throughout the convention. (My main Instagram account, JulieChatsBlog, will feature some fun travel tips for SF and touristy ideas, as my daughter and I check out the city and visit a college or two.)

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